Hello There!  I'm Marc, but my friends (and well... almost everyone else actually) call me Cassata. I am an experience eesigner and digital creative director with a wealth of professional experience creating and advising for a multitude of American and Global Fortune 500 companies. My recent history built me into an expert in designing products, websites, and applications for financial services (in wealth Mmnagement, corporate banking, capital markets, insurance, & consumer banking) and creating digital dotcoms and interactive products for numerous industries including pharma, beauty, fashion, hotels, E-commerce, and few historic non-profits.

I love mentoring, managing, and leading as much as I do designing these days, and I take great pride in being a true empathic leader with a proven track record of building successful design teams while nuturing the talents of individual designers to encourage their personal growth. Over time, I've formed a few thoughts and ideas, not to mention a few strong opinions around leadership, and you can read those tenets on leadership

My portfolio(s) do contain a great amount of work which shows both my creative director and designer chops. You can a short, client-sensitive preview, but if that isn't enough and you'd like to see the complete collection of my engagement work, feel free to to get access to the complete portfolio which resides

I live in New York with my wife and 2 young sons (who are 8 and 2 respectively, and who both make things crazy and interesting every day.) I collect whiskey and try to cook something new (preferably French) when time allows. I love sports data and the analytics surrounding it. (MLB, NBA, and NFL). I can somewhat speak Italian, but if you drop me into the middle of Florence, I will be "fluent" again after a day and half. I am currently mentoring students at Designlab in both the UX Academy and with Career Services phases, which I find both challenging and greatly rewarding.

I am slowly coming out of my sabbactical (which was full of expected events and unexpected surprises), and I am excited at the prospect of my next career pathway and the potential re-invention of my creative skillset (I did it twice, why not a third time?). And honestly, it's not a matter of if I can help you, your team, and your company, it's more a matter of how I can help you.

If you'd like to chat, do not hesitate to reach out and